Construction Management


Manage the crew. Complete the project.

Gain hands-on skills and certifications in the Construction Management program offered in partnership with the Colorado Homebuilding Academy and the Community College of Aurora. Our industry-driven classes will prepare you for a fulfilling career in homebuilding, making an average annual salary of $70,000. This program offers two certificates—Construction Superintendent or Construction Estimating.

Whether you are starting a new career in construction or pursuing a promotion within the industry, the Construction Management program can help you take your career to the next level.


Earn Certifications
Earn certifications from the Community College of Aurora, OSHA, and the Colorado Homebuilding Academy.

Earn College Credit
Earn 16–18 credits from the Community College of Aurora.

Connect with Employers
Attend job fairs at the Academy and receive additional career support.

Work-Friendly Schedule
Classes are taught in the evenings, and are paired with online work you can complete at home.

Affordable Tuition
With scholarships and financial aid, most students don’t pay full tuition.

Hands-On Learning
An engaging blend of hands-on work and lectures ensures you can apply your knowledge right away!

Program Schedule & Tuition

This program offers two certificates—Construction Superintendent (18 credits) or Construction Estimating (16 credits). Students attend classes at Colorado Homebuilding Academy’s training center while completing online coursework outside of class. The cost of a 16–18 credit certificate is approximately $3,000, or about $500 per class. Scholarships, financial aid, and payment plans are available.

Non-Credit Options
Students have the option to enroll in these classes through Colorado Homebuilding Academy, but not through Community College of Aurora. These students have lower tuition rates because they will not receive college credit or certifications from Community College of Aurora. The cost of all non-credit classes is approximately $370, except OSHA 10, which costs $100.


Construction Management Classes

Print Reading

Gain comprehensive knowledge of construction prints, and analyze prints in relation to a full-size home in various states of building in the Academy construction lab. Practice walking through a home prior to the inspection phase, and analyze prints to locate potential issues with the quality of the work performed.

Construction Materials and Systems

Examine the processes and building materials used in construction projects in both classroom and hands-on learning formats. Topics include site planning and development, use of soil, concrete, steel, lumber, plastics and more.

Construction Code

Understand how code applies to all construction procedures. Use industry prints to walk through a full-size home in the Academy construction lab in order to understand how code applies to the building process. Learn how to recognize the code formats and understand how zoning codes are used in the industry.

Principles of Supervision

Learn the principles and techniques of supervising and motivating personnel. This hybrid course focuses on the human interaction in supervision.

Construction Scheduling

Become familiar with the entire process of planning and scheduling construction projects in the ideal order of progression. Use a scheduling program and other methods to build, analyze, and update a calendar schedule, critical path schedule, and Gantt charts.


Receive 30 hours of instruction on OSHA compliance issues, as well as an industry-recognized certification.

Estimating I: Construction Estimating

Become familiar with various methods of estimating for residential construction through hands-on and online instruction. Complete material take-offs and calculate labor and clean-up costs for a full-size home in the Academy construction lab. Then, analyze and compare estimates to final costs of production homes.

Business Communication and Report Writing

This hybrid course emphasizes effective business writing and cover letters, memoranda, reports, application letters, and resumes. Includes the fundamentals of business communication and an introduction to international communication.

Estimating II: Cost Analysis

Delve into a comprehensive review of the estimating process by evaluating options and cost differences in homebuilding. Practice compiling and presenting finished estimates to supervisors along with documents that are needed, such as permit fees and bond requirements. Review how labor and material shortages can affect the overall costs, and learn how to reduce costs of projects.


Receive 10 hours of instruction on OSHA compliance issues, as well as an industry-recognized certification.


Eric Garvey

With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Eric got his start as a third-party inspector for home builders. He then spent nine years helping to operate a handyman business, and continued as a project manager for a roofing and siding company. Eric has a degree in business and project management, and is working on his Masters in Education. He has 5 kids and an awesome wife, Rene. Eric enjoys using his experience and education to train up-and-coming construction professionals.

Bill Wood

With over 30 years of experience in the homebuilding, Bill is skilled at mentoring and developing new talent for his industry. Bill began his career as an assistant construction superintendent and advanced into executive positions for both large national homebuilders and small start-ups. Bill’s passion for service leads him to serve on the board for industry nonprofits, including Colorado Construction Institute and the Home Builders Foundation.

How to Enroll

The first step in enrolling in Construction Management is to contact Carla Freeman, program coordinator at the Colorado Homebuilding Academy, to express your interest in this program. Carla will send you additional information about how to sign up!

Make sure to contact Carla by December 7, 2018 to ensure you have a spot in classes starting January 2019.

303-997-0463 x 120