Construction Skills Bootcamp


Build a foundation for your career in construction—enroll in a Construction Skills Bootcamp today. The demand is huge. The opportunities are great. The moment is now.

Students earn:

  • Solid foundation of construction skills
  • Basic training in a trade of your choice
  • OSHA-10 certification
  • Career support & networking with employers
  • Set of starter tools


Tuition is waived if you’re pursuing a career in Colorado’s construction industry.

Schedule Options

Students are required to attend classes at our training center multiple times per week and complete online coursework outside of class. We offer two schedule options:


  • 8-week course
  • Classes 2 times per week on Mondays and Wednesdays or on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Evening classes, 5:30 to 8:30pm


  • 4-week course
  • Classes 4 times per week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
  • Afternoon classes, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m


Oct 22, 2018
Oct 30, 2018
Standard, T+TH
Nov 26, 2018
Dec 10, 2018
Standard, M+W

Course Content

Basic Safety
  • Identify jobsite safety issues
  • Describe best safety practices for construction
  • Identify and demonstrate different types of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Understand and practice correct lift and carry techniques for one and two people with standard building materials
  • Identify proper safety and use related to scaffolding
  • Demonstrate proper ladder safety, setup, and use vii.Obtain an OSHA 10 hour certification
  • Explain basic jobsite first aid
  • Explain basic fire safety procedures
Construction Industry Knowledge
  • Identify career pathways related to construction
  • Understand scope of projects in construction
  • Demonstrate technical and academic requirements for career pathways
  • Demonstrate the proper use and identification, including safety procedures,
    for various construction materials related to construction
Construction Math
  • Practice math operations related and commonly used in construction industry
  • Understand various math formulas to solve construction problems
  • Apply math formulas to common construction problems
  • Demonstrate math skills needed to pursue a career in construction
Choose a Trade Focus
  • Students in the Standard Bootcamp schedule will select a Trade Focus for the last 2 weeks of their course. The Accelerated schedule does not include a Trade Focus, but students have the option to take an additional 2 weeks of a Trade Focus class if they would like.
  • Options include: Basics in Carpentry, Basics in Electrical, Basics in Concrete, and Basics in Plumbing.
Hand and Power Tools
  • Demonstrate the proper use and identification, including safety procedures, for various hand tools related to construction
  • Demonstrate the proper use and identification, including safety procedures, for various power tools related to construction
  • Demonstrate the proper safety, use, care, and maintenance of power tools/equipment
  • Identify/select appropriate power tools for specific tasks in carpentry and other trades
  • Identify specific tools and materials a worker needs to complete different tasks in various trades.
Career Preparation
  • Identify process for legal employment in the field of construction
  • Understand basic elements of the employment process in construction
  • Demonstrate ability to compose elements for employability in construction
  • Demonstrate skills required to find, apply, secure and retain successful employment in construction
  • Prepare life skills needed for a job in the construction industry
Build Projects
  • Demonstrate ability to safely use hand and power tools involved in construction
  • Demonstrate proper safe techniques in assembling projects
  • Demonstrate ability to apply blueprint reading to projects
  • Develop skills through increasingly complex building projects
Blueprint Reading
  • Understand common terms used in blueprint reading
  • Identify and define various views used in blueprint reading
  • Identify different types of lines used in drawings
  • Identify selected symbols and abbreviations used in construction plans
  • Read plans, elevations, schedules, etc. used in construction drawing
  • Identify and understand parts used in a specification


Joe Carswell

Joe’s strong leadership skills are built on over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from North Carolina State University, Joe spent several years drafting, preserving historic homes, and training work release prisoners for commercial installations. He also enjoys playing music and surfing.

Eric White

Eric began his career as a commercial flooring installer before becoming a carpenter for 12 years in residential new construction/additions and commercial renovations. He has also run his own handyman company for 7 years, rehabilitated historic structures and led construction projects in remote locations. His particular interests are in green building/sustainability, hiking and making crafts.

Mark Babcock

Mark has been involved in construction on and off since 1985, starting as a framer’s helper and progressing to project manager for high end home renovations. After taking a year off to become a dive instructor in Roatan, Honduras (where he met his wife), he moved from Canada to Denver to be with his wife Lori. He enjoys traveling, diving, and working on cars in his spare time. Mark is very excited about being a part of the Colorado Homebuilding Academy and teaching the next generation of construction experts.

Student Success

How to Enroll

To enroll in a Construction Skills Bootcamp, the first step is to attend a 30-minute Information Session at Colorado Homebuilding Academy.