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We host weekly online info sessions and on-site Academy tours to discuss your job plans and explore how our training might help with your career path.


Our Online Info Sessions occur Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays at 12 pm.*

Our Academy Tours are on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm.

Be sure to sign up to get details, reminders, and be notified of schedule changes. Also, see the Calendar below.


  • Meet the recruiter
  • Discuss your career plans
  • Learn more about our courses and check out our space
  • Learn how to apply


Online Info Sessions will always happen at this zoom link.

In-person tours are at 445 W 53rd Place Denver.


Have questions? Not sure if you’re interested?


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Our Courses

Youth Construction Apprenticeship

Construction Skills Bootcamp Colorado Springs

Construction Skills Bootcamp

Construction Management

Basics in Electrical

Basics in Concrete Construction